Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I've been walking these streets at night
Just trying to get it right
It's hard to see with so many around
You know I don't like being stuck in a crowd
And the streets don't change but maybe the name
I ain't got time for the game

Guns N' Roses
G N' R Lies (1989)

In doing the necessary research, I discovered two interesting things. First off, Patience is almost twenty years old, which makes me feel ancient. I have friends who aren't as old as this song, yet I remember its release vividly. Secondly, it's reported that Carrie Underwood covers this song live at her concerts; I think I might actually enjoy that. She's got a good voice, and apparently it's just her and three acoustic guitars when she does it, which is right up my alley.

God's trying to teach me to be more patient. To wait on His plan for my life and follow it, rather than trying to rush blindly forward with whatever it is that I'm trying to do. Take, for example, the project I'm working on right now; it's an affiliate marketing piece that I've been working on all day that I really wanted to launch tonight. I can't do that, though, because the DNS changes I needed to make to get the site live haven't fully propagated yet. So, I have to sit here and wait, which is something that my flesh absolutely despises.

I'm a ready, fire, aim kind of guy. I know that I shouldn't be that way, and I'm thankful for the work that God's doing in me to change that. It's so hard sometimes to just slow down and wait for him to lead me instead of rushing blindly forward. The times in my life where I'm actually able to muster up the strength to pause, say a quick prayer, and seek His guidance, it's always right there and things always go better for me. Despite this truth, though, I still want to rush ahead and get clobbered by life.

So here I sit, unable to do what I want to do because it's just not time for it yet, and with no choice but to go ahead with my plan unfulfilled for the night. Honestly, I can't think of anything that would be better for me right now. I'm going to wrap things up here at FortySixTen Studios for the night, go seek my Lord in prayer, then hit the sack. Perhaps the babies won't wake me up playing rugby or pretending to be elephants or whatever it was they were doing this morning.

UPDATE: Alright, it's not half bad ...

Have I ever mentioned my deep and abiding love for YouTube?

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