Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miss Me?

Guess who's back
Back again
Shady's back
Tell a friend

"Without Me"
The Eminem Show (2002)

Well, my computer works again, so that's good. That's not to say I don't still have a lot to do to get things back up to speed, though. I've got to download all of my software, and that's the big thing. Now, before anyone gets their undies in a bunch about piracy, I'll point out that I'm using Linux and all of my software is free, so I'm not stealing anything. It's just a somewhat time consuming process, that's all.

I don't plan on doing any of that tonight, though. Tonight's going to be spent going through my e-mail and getting fully caught up on that front, although the iPhone - which I do still promise to give a full post to - has been a blessing in keeping it from piling up too much on me. I've got a couple of little client issues I'll be knocking out, as well. Again, nothing huge, but just a few little things to keep myself from falling too far behind.

I'm pleased to be sitting at a functional laptop tonight. I don't ever intend on doing business with Dell again after the customer service fiasco that I went through, but I will offer a short thought on the subject. A company that offers consistently excellent service, outsources said service to India and sees a significant degradation in the quality of service, and then offers to let you pay them more money for the privilege of getting the service they used to provide clearly hates its customers. I would drive down to Round Rock, Texas - directions avaialble via iPhone, by the way - and throw poop at Dell's corporate offices if I thought I'd be the first person to do it this week, but I'm sure I wouldn't be.

On a similar (but slightly less disgusting) line of thought, if there's anyone out there who can provide me with an actual, working phone number to Dell's corporate headquarters, there could be a prize in it for you. I might be able to provide you with, say, nothing. Perhaps thrice nothing if I can pull together enough sponsors.

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Beth said...

If you can find me the direct number to Sallie Mae, we'll call it even. :)