Friday, February 13, 2009

Mark Schultz: The Rainmaker

I guarantee you there isn't gonna be a dry eye in the house.

Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave
Introducing Mark Schultz at a concert here in Terre Haute

I'm working right now, because that's what I do at night, and as is typical I'm doing it to the sounds of my music library. Mark Schultz came up on the iPod, and uncharacteristically I turned him off. I just didn't feel like crying tonight.

I say that in the most complimentary way that I possibly can, too. Mark is a gifted singer and pianist, and he puts out some beautiful music. Beyond his abilities as a performer, though, I think he's an absolutely brilliant songwriter, and he writes some of the most powerful, emotional music I've ever heard - a large majority of which makes me bawl.

Seriously, it's kind of sad to watch. "Letters from War" comes up and I cry every single time I hear it. I'm not a soldier. I've never been a soldier. My dad kind of spent some time in the Navy, which is to say he hung out at a base somewhere in California and worked as a mechanic for a few years, but he never saw combat or anything. Only very recently have I become close friends with someone who's really been involved in war; not because of any adversion to it, but just because it had never happened in my life up until that point. I see war on the TV - I did when I had one, at least - and that's about it. None of that matters. The song still makes me weep like a little girl, and I consider the ability to make people feel like that a great gift that I'm happy he chooses to share with the world.

Just not tonight, that's all. Such is the power of the skip button. Or the part of the screen that has the arrow pointing to the right. Either one works.

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