Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Blogs

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Jon Lovitz as a talking, cardboard standup of Jay Sherman
The Critic

Time to pimp out my new blogs! The first is Next Year Chronicles, my new Cubs blog. I'm going to be - strangely enough - chronicling the upcoming season in the hopes that I end up with an awesome log of the Cubs' magic World Series winning season. Stop laughing.

My other is Truth In Internet Marketing, which is going to serve as my manifesto against all of the scummy things a lot of internet marketers do to make a quick buck. Being on the inside of the industry like I am, I get exposed to a lot of it. This is my attempt to try to help protect people from the large majority of the vultures that are out there trying to sell stuff on the internet.

These are both, in some small way, business ventures, so any support you throw my way through visiting and spreading the word about both blogs will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully they'll both be decent reads, though. As I've lamented to friends before, I only know one way to write, so what you'll see in both other spots will look a lot like what you see here. If you like this blog, you might like the others, too.


Beth said...

Yay, you quoted the Critic! I miss that show...

Larry Swank said...

It was absolutely brilliant, which is probably why it got cancelled. You can apparently get the whole series in one DVD set now.