Monday, June 22, 2009

Me Fail Blogging?

That's unpossible!

Nancy Cartwright
as Ralph Wiggum
"Lisa on Ice"
The Simpsons (2004)

I didn't think it'd been that long No big deal, though, because it gives me plenty to yap about here. Let's dive right in!

HealingPointe had our first service in our new church building last night! This is huge for us. It's the first time we've been in a building that's been ours rather than some place that we rented. We're looking forward to getting everything spruced up; Holli went over to help out today, and I'm going over to shovel dirt tonight. We're also really excited about getting oursevles involved with the community that we've moved into. It'll be nice to actually have neighbors instead of being in a strip all.

Father's Day was yesterday, too, and as usual, my family did not disappoint. I got breakfast in the bedroom (my back hurt too bad for me to still be in bed), awesome hand-made cards from the kids, and a cool new shirt. Then before church I had steak for dinner. That's about all I could ever ask for for my holiday.

Going back to Friday, I started playing guitar at WVIHOP during one of their Harp and Bowl services. I'll be playing with Marvin's team every Friday at 10 AM. Marvin told me that he was pleased and "heard no major train wrecks," so I guess I did alright. I've been practicing the songs that we did on Friday and learning some of the chords that gave me fits (I'm looking at you, C sharp minor!). I'm doing very good with my B chord, except I'm kind of flipping off anyone looking at me when I play it. I've got to try to fix that. Frank gave me a couple of tips on it last night, though, so that should help.

That's enough for now. There's still a ton to get done today. That's a decent recap, though. I'll see if I can't be back tomorrow to talk about my love-hate relationship with pickles or something.

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