Monday, June 1, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different!


That's my written interpretation of all you sitting there, reading, mouth agape, because I'm actually blogging and not shilling my stuff.

It's been a hectic past six weeks or so. I went on the Walk to Emmaus, which is a radical, life altering thing. I'd love to actually talk about it, but I honestly can't do it any justice with my meager command of the English language. So, rather than trying and failing to tell you how tremendous it is, I'll just exhort you to go as soon as you get the opportunity. If you know me, come talk to me, as I'd be happy to sponsor you.

I still have iPhone. I've been planning on talking about it for weeks, but it's not really something new anymore, so a little of the luster is off of the subject. I'm now an accomplished iPhone user, though, so I suppose I'm a little more of an authority on it now. Whatever. Here's what you need to know: it's freaking awesome. iPhone (it insists in its instruction manual on being called by its name, iPhone, rather than generically as an iPhone or the iPhone) has helped me in the following small sampling of ways:

  • It's helped me lose weight.
  • It's helped me manage the family's money and actually know how much money we have, thanks to a handy little checkbook app.
  • I've got a bookshelf's worth of books in it to read at my leisure.
  • We don't ever get lost. Yeah, I said it, Eric. It took us right to that Krispy Kreme ... warehouse. Maybe I still need to learn how to use the GPS.
  • It got me into geocaching, the world's greatest hobby.
  • I can listen to about a bazillion different live music streams, in addition to what I have loaded in on the internal iPod.
  • It helped tune Frank's guitar at church on Saturday.
In short, it is mankind's greatest technological achievement.

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