Monday, May 18, 2009

Ready. Fire! Aim.

If you ever get your hands on some plutonium, you'll be dangerous.

Glen Cook

I'm a ready, fire, aim kind of guy. I get an idea and I rush forward with it before I think it through. I've always been that way, whether you want to call it "spontaneous" or "impetuous." It's just what I am. It's decidedly not a good thing, but it's Larry.

I'm also probably a little too smart for my own good. I've always been smart enough to get by with minimal effort and let me brains pull me out of a jam. I've got any number of anecdotes I could tell to illustrate the point, but I rather chose to use the quote in this post - from my high school physics teacher, one of the few to see through my facade of being "above average" - to do it for me. The point is that I've been blessed with this wonderful brain, but rather than using it for good, I just kind of let it languish.

So what does that make me? I'm an impetuous, easily-distracted underachiever. With a little focus, I honestly believe that I could do something great for the world (or irradiate it to dangerous, inhospitable levels if Cook's words are to be believed). I just don't know how to find it.

You know what's funny? Half of the book of Proverbs go about telling me all of the answers I need. I just read them and they might as well be written in the language of the planet Zorbador. I forsee some serious study in Proverbs for me in the near future.

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